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Where will my order be coming from?

Many other sites utilize dropshippers in Asia. This means, not only are the sites who sell these products unsure of their quality, but your order could take weeks (if not months) to show up.
We do not!

While our wholesale orders vary depending on the location of our production facilities, all of our retail products are imported and in stock in the US before being sold. This means you get your products in a timely fashion.

Why buy from us, instead of some other PPE sites?

SPRiZZi is not an overnight opperation. We've spent years establishing working relationships with manufacturers in several countries, as well as the government in mainland China, helping to ensure we can import quality products, without fear of shipments being caught in the limbo that is customs.

I'm an Institutional Buyer.  Do you offer wholesale discounts for bulk orders?


We do offer wholesale prices for institutional buyers. Reach out by either phone, email, or via the contact form below, and we can help!

How do I track my packages?

As soon as your order is confirmed, we'll begin processing your shipment. As soon as your product is ready, we'll provide you with tracking information (assuming your chosen shipping method can be tracked), so you know when to expect your order.

How do I know I'm buying a quality product?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SPRiZZi has been working side by side with a large number of manufacturers to ensure every product we receive has been tested for the highest level of quality, and to make sure they meet every necessary safety standard.

I've heard masks don't even work against COVID-19.  Why should I buy one?

Well, that is partially true. The only guarenteed way to prevent infection is to stay away from any potential carrier of the disease... This, as we've learned from the various lockdown, is easier said than done. Most of us still need to work. We still need to buy groceries. Fill up on gas... and, if only for our mental health, socialize. No mask, whether a disposable or N95, is 100% effective against the virus. However, short of social distancing or isolation, it is the most effective way to prevent infection. Studies have proven that (like herd immunity) when everyone wears a mask, the disease's ability to spead is reduced drastically.

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