Kimtech N95 Particulate Respirator (NIOSH)

Kimtech N95 Particulate Respirator (NIOSH)


The Kimtech™ N95 Pouch respirator is intended for use against particulate aerosols free of oil; time use restrictions may apply.


Kimtech™ N95 Pouch Respirator (TC-84A-9042) are NIOSH approved as N95 particulate filter respirators. They provide 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3 micron particles.

  • Use Instructions

    1. Separate the edges of the respirator to fully open it.
    2. Slightly bend the nose wire to form a gentle curve.
    3. Hold the respirator upside down to expose the two headbands.
    4. Using your index fingers and thumbs, separate the two headbands.
    5. While holding the headbands with your index fingers and thumbs, cup the respirator under your chin.
    6. Pull the headbands up and over your head.
    7. Release the lower headband from your thumbs and position it at the base of your neck.
    8. Position the remaining headband on the crown of your head.
    9. Conform the nose piece across the bridge of your nose by firmly pressing down with your fingers.
    10. Continue to adjust the respirator and secure the edges until you feel you have achieved a good facial fit. Now, perform a Fit Check.
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